Sidhant Sharma

Developer. Student. Gamer. Reader. Learner.

Stuff I’ve Made

  • Flubbr: A flexible Plugin Framework for Android, to allow seamless and secure communications between applications. This project was developed as a part of Grid, a product of my startup venture Amethyst Labs.
  • Blink: An elegant and minimal New Tab replacement for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that doubles up as news reader, pulling its feed from Feedly.

  • Lens: A clean, ultra-minimal New Tab replacement that brings high quality images from Unsplash to your new tab.

  • Owl: A simple Mozilla Firefox add-on that applies a dark theme to webpages, making online reading comfortable.

  • Spoiler Jedi: A simple Mozilla Firefox add-on that blocks Stars Wars spoilers.

Cool Projects
  • Perry: A natural language processor that detects the level of sarcasm in tweets on a scale of 0 to 4. In this, I experimented with a number of feature extraction techniques and classifiers, and achieved a personal-best of 71% accuracy (F1-Mean score 0.69).

  • Dex: A hand-gesture detector using python and OpenCV that detects basic hand gestures with over 70% accuracy.

  • TaxRaahi: A non-clichéd cooler website to file your taxes with. It’s a portal for employers for easily file TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) at the end of each quarter. I led the development of this project while I was an intern at LegalRaasta.

Stuff I do