Sidhant Sharma

Developer. Student. Gamer. Reader. Learner.

About me

I am Sidhant Sharma (in case you haven't noticed my name written all over this place). I'm a software developer working at Samsung Research Institute, Delhi.
I'm an OpenSource enthusiast, and have contributed to (or at least tried to contribute to) a few open source projects.
I like to build stuff. I love programming, and have an eye for detail. I have a keen interest in operating systems, machine learning and data science; and believe that ML is 'the secret sauce of the future innovations'. Also, AI isn't evil. Just saying.
Back in college I had a startup venture with my college buddies (the now defunct Amethyst Labs) which (obviously) didn't work out. On the bright side, now I know how not to run a startup.
At a personal level, I am a quiet introvert who enjoys being close to nature whenever possible. I love/live to learn, and enjoy sharing knowledge. That is basically the motive behind this blog, a place where I share my experiences and some other cool stuff I found/read/learnt so it's easier for everyone to see and enjoy.
A nerd (bordering geek [yes, there's a difference]), reader, gamer and hobby guitarist, with a fine (very picky) taste in music. I have knack for psychology (or so I fancy), and a love of reading.
And boy, am I a workaholic; keep me busy - keep me happy. And when I'm (occasionally) free, you'll still find me reading something, either book or (more likely) some article on the subtleties of regression models. To top things up, I have many OCDs, including but not limited to keeping screens clean and fingerprint-free, well-organized directory structures, desktop icons set in a particular order, and of course, proper code style.
Oh, and yes, I go by the nick tk on irc's and the interwebs in general; ping me if you see me hanging around. I game under the alias of CptFoobar, so I recommend you quit if you see the name in the opposing team ;)